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Why we started House 4 House

Friends, architects & parents making a change

Friends on a mission

Toy manufacturing is one of the most plastic-intensive industries in the world, with 90% of all products being made from virgin plastics, many of which end up in landfill.


Large toy brands have been slow to shift to more sustainable materials, despite an increasing demand from consumers for more sustainable alternatives.


The 4 of us became good friends at the architecture school in Copenhagen. Our individual journeys led us across the world before coming back to Denmark, where we bundeled our knowledge and dreams.


House 4 House started in 2021 with a clear mission towards the future:

Playfully inspire kids about architecture with love for the earth and its inhabitants.

As important to us is making an impact today: a significant portion (1/3rd) of our profit directly helps families living in challenging conditions, supporting their fundamental housing needs. This commitment inspired the very essence of our brand: House 4 House.

Who are we?

Meet the House 4 House team!
Ania P.jpg

Aga Filipowicz


Aga is an architect and a city planner from Poland. She is passionate about integrating sustainable solutions and reducing social inequalities in the projects she works on. At House 4 House Aga has been focusing on the design, graphics and the website.

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Ania Pierańska


Ania is an architect and an artist. She works on urban planning projects across Europe focusing on sustainability and for the past few years has been establishing her artistic practice. Her multidisciplinary experience enhances the aesthetic quality of our sets. At House 4 House her main focus has been design and finance.

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Hannah Wood


Hannah is an architect with a passion for sustainable and regenerative design. Her practice is driven by an interest in innovative solutions and she has lived in different places around the world, including three years in Tanzania. At House 4 House Hannah focuses on design and business development.

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Otis Sloan Brittain


Otis is an architect who has lived and worked across Asia, Europe and Africa. He is interested how the built environment can be designed to improve planetary and human health. At House 4 House Otis helps coordinate the manufacture and business development.

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Seen at

Since we started a few years ago, we have been noticed and/or rewarded by many leading organisations. A confirmation that we are on the right route.

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