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While we aim to approach the SDGs holistically, there are a few aspects in which we believe that House 4 House stands out in our approach to sustainability.


We support United Nations 
Sustainable Development Goals!

What makes House 4 House special?

1. We teach about sustainability through play

One of the main driving forces behind the House 4 House sets is to provide an alternative view on what a house is. In times when climate crisis is the most pressing problem we are facing, we think that we need to start teaching kids about sustainability early on. We believe that by playing with toys which talk about climate responsive design, as well as sustainable, natural materials, kids learn a critical approach to what we build in the real world.


2. We source our materials sustainably and locally

When choosing the right materials for our toy sets, we went through countless material libraries. We classified our choices based on the percentage of natural, biodegradable material, as well as their source, both in terms of geological location but also responsible forestry. 


3. We support good working conditions

At House 4 House we are aware that most toys produced today are not only made of artificial, unsustainable materials but also by underpaid manufacturers working in poor conditions. So from the very beginning we wanted to make sure that House 4 House will not contribute to that problem. We have optimised our design so it could be manufactured on a CNC machine locally in Portugal (where all our materials come from) and by people whom we got to know personally and who we know are working in good conditions.


4. We want to help reduce financial inequalities

At House 4 House we are aware that, in today's late capitalism, peoples' financial security is often out of their own hands. This is why, in our business model, we dedicate a 1/3 of the profits to construction projects for people in need of financial support. At the same time, we don't think that it should be us deciding what is best for others. This is why we have decided to support a microloan platform called Kiva, where people have the opportunity to apply for a loan for their own small scale projects. You can learn more about Kiva here.

Click on the SDG icons to learn more about the UN guidelines for supporting sustainable development!

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