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How to build naturally in hot and humid climate?

Here are a few things which make a house comfortable to live in (and sustainable!) in the tropical regions of the world.
The very long roofs protect the house from sun and rain. They are raised above the walls so that the hot air can escape!
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Stilts protect the house from possible flooding on very rainy days!
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Shutters keep the sun out and let the air in. And they make the house look beautiful!
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What makes the tropical climate special?

Tropical climate is usually hot, it often has temperature over 18 degrees. It also usually has only two seasons- the dry season and the rainy season. And since its located close to the equator- it gets a lot of sunlight!

Tropical climate can be found

on all of the continents

except Antarctica!

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What animals live there?

There are many curious animals living in the tropical rainforests!

Lemurs help spread the seeds for new plants. In lemur societies it's women who lead the pack!
Elephants are the biggest land animals!. They communicate with their trunks but also through vibrations.
Sloths poop once a week and they get rid of up to 1/3 of their body weight in the process!
Flying squirrel
They can glide in the air up to 100m. Scientists recently discovered that they glow in the dark!
The population of jaguars is shrinking really fast. Jaguars also enjoy water and are really good swimmers.

How would your tropical dream house look?

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